Capsule Inspection Cum Polishing Machine

Capsule Inspection cum Polishing Machine:

Gem offers two stage Automatic Capsule Inspection Cum Polishing Machine, used to inspect and polish capsule after powder filling operation.

Gem’s Automatic capsule inspection cum polishing machine consists of 3 main sections with innovative features:

Feeding Section: consisting of S.S. Hopper, a S.S. Vibrator and a S.S. Drug Powder Collector. As the capsules pass through the vibrator, some amount of powder gets collected in the stainless steel collector.

Inspection Section: consisting of conveyor belt with variable speed drive and lighting source from top for visual inspect of damaged capsules prior to polishing. The capsules move on the conveyor belt while moving they revolve around the axis due to the angular guides. This helps the operator to inspect and sort out the damaged capsules. The defective capsules sorted can be removed manually by puckers or by hand.

Polishing Section: consisting of two S. S. Chambers with a filter cloth; a revolving variable speed spiral nylon brush, stainless steel powder collector and vacuum dust collector. The capsules then pass from one end of the brush to the other end and roll in between the Nylon bristles which removes the powder from the capsule surface. The loose powder is sucked by the vacuum blower to be collected in the powder collection chamber. As there are two different chambers the capsules are polished twice and the powder settled at the edge of the capsules also get removed. Finally the capsules coming out of the chute are well polished, clean and with glossy looks.

  • Output: 40,000 TO 80,000 Capsules per hour
  • Drive Motors:
    1. Inspection section: 1/2 HP
    2. Polishing Section: 1 HP
    3. Vibrator: 230 V. SINGLE PHASE
  • Width of inspection belt: 6″
  • No. Of Operators: 1
  • No. Of Polishing Chambers: 2
  • Simple to operate
  • Easily removable parts
  • Maintenance free
  • Designed to polish all sizes of capsules

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