Semi-Automatic Capsule Counting & Filling Machine:

We are India’s leading manufacturer of capsule counting & filling machine; our highly efficient machines are compact, easy to operate and maintain. The photoelectric scanner at the filling station counts the pre-determined quantity of the capsules / tablets. The trouble free operations and accurate results of these semi-automatic machines maintain GMP standards.


A disc on single fill model gives highest capacity to fill tablets/ capsules

  • Each disc is custom designed and manufactured to meet customer’s needs.
  • Counter differences is less than 0.1%.
  • Steady operation and lower sound
  • Bottle carries easily with SS Slate conveyor.
  • The machine is provided with adjustable filler which can be elevated from 20 to 25 degrees, to facilitate entry of the products into the disc holes.
  • The machine is fitted with superior quality delivery chutes which direct the product from the counting disc into the stainless steel filler tubes of various sizes, to suit different containers, suitable to work on 3 phase ac, 1 HP motor, 1440 rpm with variable speed drive.
  • The entire machine is mounted on MS body.
  • The rpm of the disc varies from 3 to 7 depending upon the product.
  • The machine is provided with one countable type disc.
  • Full-set protective device keep operation fixed and reliable.
  • G.M.P. model: M.S. body of the machine cladded with SS sheet”.

Technical Specifications:

 Contact Parts  : Stainless Steel
 Power consumptions  : 0.75 KW / 1 H.P.
 Air Consumption  : 40 lit/minute@ 6 bar pr.
 Power supply  : A.C. 3 Phase440 V, 50 Hz Motor-1440rpm
 Feed Disc  : Bakelite
 Packing Case Dimension  : 1981 (L) X 1219 (W) 1016 (H) mm
 Net Weight  : 290 Kg.
 Gross Weight  : 425 Kg.


 Packs  : Capsules
 Capsules “0”  Capsules 1,2,3,4,5
 1000’S  5 fills per min
 500’S  5 fills per min  10 fills per min (not possible for the capsule size-1)
 250’S  10 fills per min15 fills per min
 100’S  15 fills per min  20 fills per min
 50’S  20 fills per min  30 fills per min
 20’S  20 fills per min  30 fills per min

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