Semi Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

Semi-Automatic Capsule Filling Machine:

The semi-automatic capsule filling machine by GEM is design for manufacturing as per the requirements of modern pharmaceutical procedures. Gem's Capsule Filling Machine provides a high Degree of automation with higher levels of filling weight accuracy. These machines are suitable for filling capsule of all size with powder, pellets etc.

Gem's Capsule Filling Machine is available in manual panel with manual capsule closing system with single or double loader.


Overall construction of the machine using stainless steel, aluminum, brass and mild steel with powder coating provided a high level of GMP.

  • No painting finish on the machine surface thus it can avoid that the paint strip off and mix into the power, then fill into the capsules.
  • Infinitely variable speed of filling table with independent power and fix point filling that result in accurate dosage.
  • A special design allows for changing mold for different size capsules within 15 min easily, simply, precisely.
  • A pneumatic join system can increase join power and smoothen join without any damage of capsule.
  • Simple operation, only one operator required, and operating training can be done in 10 min.
  • Automatic declutching of loader minimizes operator attention and ensures optimum production.
  • The loading rings need only be placed in the closing section. The automatic closing cycle completes the closing and ejection of filled capsules in an enclosed chamber providing complete operator safety and no manual effort.
  • Ease for cleaning and quick change over of parts greatly reduces downtime of the machine during product change.
  • No noise, no public harm & low maintenance.

Technical Specifications:

 Double Head loader  : 1 HP, 415 Volts, 3 Phase + N, 50 Hz, 750 RPM
 Filling Motor  : 2 HP, 415 Volts, 3 Phase + N, 50 Hz, 1400 RPM
 Vacuum Pump Motor  : 3 HP, 415 Volts, 3 Phase + N, 50 Hz, 1400 RPM
 Vaccum  : 500 mm (25”) of Hg. At 1000 Ltrs./min. (30cfm)
 Compressed Air  : 200 Ltrs. / mm, (8cfm) at 100 P. S. I.
 Output  : 3Lakhs capsules/shift
 Electrical  : Loader Drive : 0.5 HP, 380/440 Volts, 3Ph, 50 Hz
   Auger Drive :1.5 HP, 380/440 Volts, 3Ph, 50 Hz
   Filling Table Drive : 3 HP, 380/440 Volts, 3Ph, 50 Hz
 Compressed Air  : 200Ltrs./min. (8cfm) at 100 PSI
 Vaccum  : 500 mm (20”) of Hg. at 1000 Ltrs./min (30cfm)

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